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Please allow us to briefly introduce our cluster:

The Cluster was formally established in 2003. Its founding members were in difficult position and they believed that cooperation would bring them better results. After Hungary gained membership in the EU, the appearance of stronger and larger competitors was to be expected. To readily expect this upcoming threat was their highest priority. Taking into consideration the altering market conditions and the turbulent economic environment, the members gradually configured their strategy. The Cluster is a business building community, intended to maintain cooperation among its members and create economic advantages, with respect to business ethics.

Our cluster comprises a total of 35 million EUR of market coverage, of which 35% is made up of export.



The OMNIPACK First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster was founded 13 years ago and it renewed its Accredited Innovation Cluster Title several times.


Our activities:

  • Centralised service (even for time windows if needed),
  • Design, development and custom manufacturing of packaging materials and tools,
  • Conventional flexible packaging materials and tools, custom coated papers and coated nonwoven textiles, fireproofed upon request,
  • Conventional and custom made rigid wall packaging materials (cardboard boxes, corrugated paper boxes and other cardboard specialties),
  • Industrial fillers, auxiliary and protective packaging materials (moulded foams, antistatic and anticorrosion materials, films, papers, styrene products, etc.),
  • Technical development and manufacture of custom made packaging machines and equipment; deployment of auxiliary equipment or the required technology,
  • Warehousing technology (light and heavy duty shelving systems)
  • Setting up logistics systems including manufacturing, distribution, organisation and supply of the materials required for their operation (labels, bar codes, RFID, printers, applicators, etc.),
  • Operational (custom deployment) software, supplementation and specialisation of existing software,
  • Special printing technologies (offset, deep and flexographic),
  • Promotional and other packaging, high frequency and other blisters, POS tools, exhibition organisation and other decoration and design tasks.



We strive to manufacture all of our products fully or at least partially from 100% compostable and therefore biodegradable materials (TPSPVAPTS raw materials) and to replace conventional or polluting technologies with environment neutral ones. We conduct R+D activities in cooperation with our customers upon request.


Quality assurance:

Our member companies all possess the ISO, HACCP and environmental certificates required for their activities. The HITA certification of some of our members is also in progress.


Our cluster members:


BLM Packaging Kft.

BREINIK Hungary Kft.

celltech-paper Kft.

CityByte Zrt.

CLB Packaging Kft.

DBH Project Management Kft.


GIGA 2003 Kft.

Huszár Szerszám- és Készülékgyártó Kft.

Kenyeres-Biztonságtechnika Kft.


MagICS Fehérvár Kft.

Médiatechnológiai és Könnyűipari Intézet Óbudai Egyetem

Mester Ecset Kft.



Ökosys Zrt.

Textil-2000 Kft.

Thermofoam Kft.

UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.

Unimas Kft.


Our strategic partners:

  • INNOREG (Central Hungarian Innovation Agency)
  • MNKH (Hungarian Trading House)
  • ÖKOPOLISZ (environmental management cluster)
  • CellTech Kutató Kft. (University of Sopron)


Main references of our members:

  • AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft. (Győr)
  • Faurecia Magyarország Kft. (Jászárokszállás)
  • Nilfisk Advance Kft. (Szigetszentmiklós)
  • Coats Kraft Hungary Kft. (Nagyatád)
  • DHL Magyarország Kft. (Budapest)
  • Reckitt Benckiser Mo. Kft. (Tatabánya)
  • BOS Voltz Hungaria Bt. (Győrladamér)
  • SEWS Komponens Kft. (Mór)